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Calculus Math Tutoring

There are common questions that students have in calculus.  We answer a couple here:

Calculus Videos

More Complicated Integrals

Basic Integral Tables

Help and More Practice


We are willing to answer others for you.  Click on the "Contact Us" tab above and we will post an answer.



Tyler asks, "I am visual.  How can I find great videos to help me understand calculus?"

That is a great question, Tyler.  Today, in my opinion, the best source is Khan Academy.  The website supplies a free online collection of lectures via video tutorials stored on YouTube.  Click on Khan Academy and click on "Subjects" at the top of the home page.  Highlight "Math" and click on your calculus at the right.  Almost every calculus topic is explained.  If you are looking for differential equations assistance, click on "Differential Equations".  Or you can type your topic in the search box at the right of "Subjects".  The videos are great and free!



Brittany asks, "How can I perform an integration when it is not one of the basic, familiar integral forms?"  Brittany, use one of the following options:

  • Transform the integrand into one of the basic, familiar forms using substitution or other techniques.  You will need to know the forms in the table below.

  • Look up an integral form in tables at the front or back of your calculus textbook or in a handbook such as The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics or CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae.

  • Use a computer algebra systems (CAS) program such as Mathematica. Maple, or Derive.  Sometimes the CAS program cannot evaluate the integral or gives the result in an extremely complicated form.

  • Use a computer algebra system (CAS) found on a graphing calculator such as the TI-89.



Sydney wants to know, "Which basic, fundamental integration formulas do I need to learn and why?" 

Sydney, there are just a few.  When we have an integrand different from our basic form, then we use algebraic methods such as substitution to change our integrand to the basic form.  Thus, you need to know the basic forms so you can develop a strategy to obtain the basic form.

You ask, Do I need to learn all of the basic integration formulas in the table below.?  Sydney, the answer is "YES" if you want to master calculus and excel in your calculus class!





Aiden asks, “How can I get help with my calculus? And how can I have more calculus practice problems?”

Good question Aiden. A possibility is to go to and then select your topic from the topics found on the page.



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