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There are common questions that students have in geometry.  We answer a couple here:

Geometry Videos

Supplementary and Complementary Angles


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Leah asks, "I am visual.  How can I find great videos to help me understand my geometry questions?"

That is a great question, Tyler.  Today, in my opinion, the best source is Khan Academy.  The website supplies a free online collection of more than 2,600 micro lectures via video tutorials stored on YouTube.  Click on Khana Academy and scroll down the page to "Geometry".  Almost every geometry topic is explained.   The videos are great and free!



Kevin asks, "I am so confused about complemntary and supplementary angles.  Do they have to be adjacent?

Kevin, the angles do not have to be adjacent.  Use the following definitions:


  • Definition of supplementary angles: Two angles are supplementary if they add up to 180 degrees.

  • Definition of complentary angles:  Two angles are complementary if they add upt to 90 degrees.

  • Example: 70 degrees and 110 degrees are supplementary angles.

  • Example: 70 degrees and 20 degrees are complementary angles.


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