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Pre Algebra Math Tutoring

There are common questions that students have in pre algebra.  We are answering a couple questions here:

Distributive Property

Pre Algebra Videos


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Distributive Property

Steph asks, "In using the distributive property to simplify algebraic expressions do I distribute or add first.  For example, do I subtract 8 - 9 first in 8 - 9 (7 - 5 x )?"

Steph, always remember PEMDAS (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally) for the "order of operations" with algebraic operations.   We do multiplication and division before addition and subtraction.  Therefore, use the distributive property with multiplication BEFORE subtracting 8 - 9.  To make things easier for you, consider multiplying by - 9.  Your simplification will look like this:


8 - 9 (7 - 5 x )

= 8 - 9 (7) + (- 9 ) ( - 5)

= 8 - 63 + 45

Now add (subtract) left to right and you have:

= - 55 + 45

= - 10


Pre Algebra Videos

Abby asks, "Are there good pre algebra videos?"

Abby, there are great algebra videos at Khan Academy.  Click on Then scroll down the page to the following topics:

Algebra: Videos from beginning Algebra through Algebra II (Data Math).

Algebra I Worked Examples: Sample problems worked from Algebra I.

Developmental Math 2: Oodles of worked examples from Algebra through Algebra II Algebra I Examples:  Great review topics to make sure you understand Algebra I topics.


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