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Tutoring clients have written Bob Secrist many accolades attesting to his tutoring success stories.


  • "Thank you for your encouragement and help through the years.  You made it possible to pass high school math!  You are appreciated so much." - Lillian Brown, Portage Central High School, 
  • "Kay ended with a B in the class.  She wouln't have done it without you.  See you next fall."  - Josh Green, Battle Creek, June 2022
  • "You are an expert in tutoring and in mathematics.  It is so wonderful to have you as a resource for support and help." - Olivia Davis, Marshall High School, March 2021. 
  • "When I was in calculus, I was confused and lacked understanding in calculus.  Your patience, calculus expertise, and expert tutoing paid off.  I earned my engineering degree and am now a chemical engineer at Stryker Corporation .  I give you all the credit!"  - Sophia Larrick - October 2020
  • "Dear Bob, thank you so much for helping Julie what proved to be a difficult year at Otsego High School  Besides your math and SAT expertise, your patience and support proved you are as great as everyone told me!" - Nancy Davidson, June 2020
  • "Bob, I am excited to complete my Aviation School at Western Michigan University and to complete my A & P Test.  I would not have made it without you excellent, expert calculus teaching.  Thank you."  Dylan P. Cleary.  - May 2020.
  • "General Secrist, we extend our gratitude for all the ways you helped Noah pursue his dream, especially your guidance and superb mathematics tutoring and ACT prep.  He made it.  He is graduating today from the US Air Force Academy."  - Bill Windell, April 2020.
  • With you passion for math, your expert tutoring always helped each week after only one hour.  I could not have made it through calculus without you.  Sarah Bucher, Mattawan High School, March 2020.
  • "I just received the "Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award in Engineering Management Technology".  You played the most important part in my life helping me see that I could be more than I thought I could be.  Thank you for your excellent, outstanding tutoring and encouragement you gave me.  You are the best!" - Mason Ramone, Western Michigan University February 2020
  • "Bob, I would not have the confidence in math that I do now if it were not for you.  Your expert mentoring was instrumental in my getting into Kalamazoo College.  Thank you so very, very much."  - Elizabeth Hannum, January 2019
  • "I just graduated as valedictorian of the Full Sail University graduating class with a computer science degree.  Your excellent, expert tutoring gave me the opportunity to attend Full Sail and to excel there.  Thank you." - Anthony Miller, Full Sail University, Battle Creek Lakeview High School, October 2019.
  • "We appreciate the gift you have been as the "Best Tutor Ever".  You are a great teacher.  Thank you for your amazing years of service to the Borden family."  - Kate Borden, Heritage Christian Academy, August 2019.
  • "I honestly can say nobody I've met has the same gracious and skilled talent you have for teaching and tutoring.  I was very fortunate to have you when I did,"  Emma Gallager, Hastings High School, July 2019
  • "Bob, thank you for your expert tutoring over the last four year.  You helped my succeed in Math and I could not have done is without you. - Ava Hardin, Harper Creek High School, February 2019
  • "Bob,You have had such a positive impact in my life and I am so thankful I have had the chance to work with you all these years.  You are the best expert on teaching math!" - Mason Fegley, Western Michigan University, January 2019.
  • "Mason got 91 on his exam.  We are happy for his grade to go up from an "E".  Thank you for your expert help." - Olivia Taylor, Richland, Michigan, February 2018.
  • "Cody keeps telling us how awesome you are.  He had never said that about any teacher, ever, including his professors at Miami University.  We are so appreciative and wish we had known you a few years back." - Amy Carlson, Portage, Michigan, January 2018.
  • "I cannot thank you for you help over the past 8 years.  I can honestly say I would not have earned an "A" in Linear Algebra at Michigan Tech Univ and be where I am today if it had not been for your expert tutoring."  Kyle Krupa, Northern Portage and Michigan Tech, May 2017.
  • "You will be happy to know he boosted his math score to 29 on his ACT test, pushing his composite to a 31, a fantastic improvement.  With yourexpert  help, we look for his best in AP Calculus at Math and Science Center.  Thank you for giving yourself to another generation." -Jeff Gamby." January 2017.
  • "Your love of math helped me find my love of math.  Thank you for your help in guiding me to Purdue U Engineering. You are the best! Your tutor, Anna Zohner, Mattawan High School, December 2016. 
  • "I wish I could take you to Alabama so you could help with my college math classes!! I will always be grateful for your expert helping me achieve my ideal ACT score!" - Courtney Kooken (:-), Marshall High School, July 2016.
  • "Thank you for your expert, excellent Calculus teaching.  I was just accepted at the US Air Force Academy and your superb calculus teaching put me over the top with my calculus skills.  - Tyler Orwig, Kalamazoo College, May 2016.
  • "I could never had made it to and through Calculus II without you. Thank you your excellent tutoring is better than any math teacher I have had." - Eric Haley, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, March 2016.
  • "Bob was one of the best calculus professors I saw.  He is an expert in calculus and teaching. Dr. Ed Haring, Past President, Kellogg Community College October 2015
    "You helped me more in 1 1/2 hours than my teacher did the entire semester! Anna Gatten, Richland Gull Lake High.
  • "You have been remarkable with my student Julia.  I will refer you to Mattawan High School parents when they ask for a math tutor." Kathy Beling
    "WhooHoo! My ACT math score increased from 25 to 29 and overall score to 31.  You did it! Now I can get in Northwestern University.  Thanks, Bob."  Emily Mumford, Portage Northern
  • "You are indeed an expert in math and tutoring.  In six weeks, you took me from an "E" grade to a final course grade of "A-".  I am telling other Kalamazoo College students about how great you are!" - Conner Gomez, Grosse Point
  • "I took your calc and stat courses 9 years ago, joined the USAF in 2006, and am working now on my graduate degree at Webster University.  Anyways, you inspired me. I think about you from time to time and hope that I can follow in your similar footsteps!" - Noah Meyer
  • "I got my math test score back and I got a 97.8%!!! That is the highest math score ever.  I am so excited!!!!! Thank you Bob. - Shawn Renner, Comstock High School
  • "I have never seen Aaron so exited about math." - Aaron Boswell, Loy Norrix High School
  • "I wish I could tell you how well prepared I was after studying under you. When I transferred to WMU and took courses with calc as a prerequisite, I was miles ahead of my classmates. Many of them had to relearn calculus while trying to master statistics, probability, real analysis, etc. I was in a far better position, and you get much of the credit for that! You are an math teaching expert.  Thanks for everything!" - Tyler Anderson
    "You gave me confidence as no math teacher ever did.  Thank you. - Jessica Thorndyke, Grand Valley State University
  • "You have been an amazing help this past year, especially when I needed it most in math.  You are amazing! - Kim Perkins, Portage Central HS and WMU, November 2012.
  • "You know you helped me get to where I am today. I appreciate it and I owe you many thanks! :) It is the truth! - Jessica Oswald, PhD candidate, University of Florida
  • "Your tutoring has raised my letter grade by two grades and given me confidence that I can do mathematics." -  Emma VanDogen, Richland Gull Lake High School.
  • "NOT only have you advance me academically, but WOW you've given me lessons and skills I will take with me throughtout the rest of my life!" - Hanni Gatten, Battle Creek Lakeview High School.
  • "I hated and was afraid of math. You have shown me the beauty and music of math. Because of your tutoring, I got my first A in math in three years!" - Kauti Borgan, Kalamazoo College
  • "Lucas would never have made an "A" without you!" - Michael Case (Mattawan HS)
  • "You take tutoring to a whole new level; not only do you teach math excellently, you are interested in each of your pupil's interests and hobbies." - Sierra Whitfield, Western Michigan University
  • "How can I forget you?  You were a great teacher.  Because of you alone, I went on to MSU and graduated with a BS in electrical engineering and have a great job in the oil industry." - Matt A. Erickson, MSU Graduate
  • "You are an inspiration and a great mentor. Your tutoring helped me more than you’ll ever know, not only with math, but with life." - Josh Ray, St. Philip High School, Ohio State University
  • "I wish all of my teachers were like Mr. Secrist.  He is friendly.  That smile and personality makes a student at ease.  And, wow, he knows his math!  But he brings math down to your level so that you understand." - Luke Olson
  • "Just wanted to let you know, we just received Jeremy's final grade in math for this past 9 weeks and he received an A. Thank you so much for all the help!" - M. Mylanta
  • "Good to hear that you are still teaching, you are a great teacher, and you’re missed at Kellogg."-  J. Sheldon, Kellogg CC and Univ. of Michigan
  • "I wish all faculty were as talented as you." - D. Bona


  • State of Michigan Legislative Special Tribute 2011
  • Iowa Junior College Scholastic Honor Society
  • Pi Mu Epsilon - National Honorary Mathematics Fraternity
  • Member of Governor's Commission on Higher Education 1973-74
  • Member of State Department of Education's Commission on Postsecondary Education 1977 - 80
  • President of Michigan Association for Higher Education for three terms
  • United States Legion of Merit
  • Who's Who in American Education 1991 - 1993
  • Who's Who Among American Teachers 2003 - 2004